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1. Prof. Jin Gang, PolyCloud-based advanced polymer material processing experimental instrument based on cloud platform. The product of this project is a kind of professional experimental instrument with cloud computing function. It can be widely used in institutions and enterprises engaged in the research and development of new polymer materials, new processes or new products, and has a broad market prospect.

2. Professor Fan Yanbin, R&D and industrialization of multi-colour Masek intelligent placement equipment. This project will research and develop a multi-color multi-pattern ceramic tile mosaic particles of automatic paving equipment. The device can achieve clean production and can increase the production capacity of mosaic production, and has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low cost, easy to promote the use and industrialization.

3. Professor Xiao Zhiyu, research and development of key technologies for the preparation of high-performance 3D printed metal powders. The team members adopted a new dual-nozzle gas atomization technology independently developed to significantly increase the yield of fine spherical powders, match powders with domestic 3D printing equipment, and make the physical and mechanical properties of 3D printed products reach the level of traditional methods.

4. Professor Liu Yajun, facing the intelligent equipment manufacturing of fuel filling system. This project focuses on the problems of low safety, high pollution, and low efficiency in the transportation of easily vaporizable media such as gasoline and ethanol. We also provide world-leading innovative products such as intelligent adaptive variable frequency pump control controllers and vacuum pumps for easy vaporization.

5. Prof. Chen Yangzhi, the first-generation line gear processing special CNC milling machine development and application. The wire gear was invented by Prof. Chen Yangzhi and has the characteristics of realizing parallel shafts, cross-axle transmission at any angle, relatively small transmission capacity, etc. Through the implementation of this project, several CNC milling machines for wire gears (sets), development line gears or cables can be developed. 1 or 2 gear transmission products, and mass production.

6. Prof. Qinglin Wu, high performance hot melt adhesive continuous process preparation technology and industrialization project. The project product can completely replace the reactor equipment and traditional screw extruder, can be applied to the processing of various hot-melt adhesive systems; can be integrated with the production and coating of hot-melt adhesives, used in the label industry and other industries online production And coating; can replace various traditional screw extrusion equipment for reactive extrusion processing.

7. Mr. Li Ziqiang, biomass carbonization continuous production line equipment. This continuous carbonization production equipment adopts computer intelligent control from the feed control, host temperature control, host speed control and discharge speed control, which greatly improves the carbonization efficiency and carbonization quality. A variety of biomass particles in the carbonization machine by high temperature carbonization anaerobic carbonization, carbon content of finished products are more than 70%.

8. R&D and production of Japans Mitsubishi Precision Robotics Project. Mitsubishi Electric focuses on the future, constantly changes and innovates, and keeps pace with the times. The industrial automation integrated solution e-F@ctory integrates automation and IT technologies, reduces the overall costs of the engineering chain and supply chain, optimizes manufacturing operations, helps customers improve their market competitiveness, and contributes to “Made in China 2025”.

9. National Thousand Talents Program - Wang Ying (R&D and industrialization of high performance semiconductor lasers). The semiconductor laser is the laser with the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency. It possesses great advantages such as low equipment cost, low use cost, simple structure, small size, high photoelectric efficiency, scanning speed block, and small deformation of parts, and the use of the team semiconductor laser technology through the incubator platform. Advantages will be industrialized in 3D printing, laser cutting equipment and other fields.

10. Foshan City Hospital (metal 3D printing in medical (orthopedics) applications). The application of 3D metal printing technology to orthopedic surgery is superior to traditional orthopedic surgery in terms of accuracy, simplicity, and standardization. In order to reduce the suffering of orthopaedic patients and improve the efficiency of orthopedic surgery, the two sides have conducted in-depth cooperation in various fields such as the design of model variables and the 3D design of positioning instruments.