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      Company Profile
      Sinovalley Intelligent Incubation Center is an incubation platform established for the development and application of high-end equipment, smart equipment, and new materials. The goal of the incubation center is to incubate a group of intelligent equipment core enterprises to form an ecosystem that serves the industrialization of smart equipment and become a highland where Foshans smart equipment industry gathers. Different from other incubators, Sinovalley intelligence is characterized by the following three points: manufacturing and processing capabilities, capital guidance, investment and financing capabilities, and incubation acceleration capabilities. In addition, Sinovalley Intelligent Incubation Center has Sinovalley Intelligent Accelerator. Its main business includes the development of additive manufacturing and additive manufacturing industries, and it can meet the customized manufacturing needs of settled companies.
      Business History
      • Policy rents accommodation allowance In addition to the blue sea talent program, the incubator will also strive for a million - level funding for the team.

      • 2015

        Incubator preferential measures The incubator itself will provide a year rent free concessions, for enterprises of other concessions, one after another.

      • 2016

        Blue sea talent program in cooperation with the South China Sea District Science and Technology Bureau The top can apply for 3 million yuan for the project support fund.